Niio. Art for a digital age.

Artwork: Best day / Xindian Boys

About Niio

Our mission is to connect a world ready to experience art digitally with artists who have important things to say.

We believe Art should be experienced digitally, and we are making that opportunity available with a breadth and ease never seen before.

Niio – created by artists for the world – is the most complete, open, and yet discerning digital art platform. Its every-growing library of the finest digital art includes also NFTs – all curated and display-ready through the Niio app with a breadth and ease never experienced before.

The Niio platform enables streaming and purchasing of digital art at its finest – for every screen and every taste – inspiring existing and new enthusiasts. With over 6,000 contributing artists, and participation by leading galleries, museums, and curators, Niio offers collectors and art enthusiasts the ability to enrich their lives with new powerful and positive everyday experiences.

We also give our artists – the heart and soul of our community – tools to distribute, manage, monetize and preserve their work through our platform and over the blockchain. Our exclusive relationship with Samsung Displays expands their opportunities to reach people in private moments and public installations. The enduring power of art is unchanging, no matter what the medium.

You bring the screens, we’ll bring the art.

Escape Pod by Jonathan Monaghan