Interview with Ronen Tanchum, and artist whose body of work explores the representation of natural phenomena and our perception of reality as it is mediated by the entertainment industry and digital media.
Interview with performance and multimedia artist Chun Hua Catherine Dong, whose work transitions the boundaries of the human body, physical presence, memory, and technology.
A quick recap of our activities in 2023, so many that we could only fit in a few of them! Find out more in our Discover area, Editorial, and social media accounts.
Interview with Chinese-Australian artist Thomas C. Chung on the second phase of his lifelong narrative and the artworks he presents on Niio.
Interview with Kian Khiaban, 3D motion designer and artist whose work focuses on the depiction of imaginary natural landscapes and the expression of human emotions.
A short text about Antoine Schmitt's work written on the occasion of his solo show at DAM Projects (Berlin).