An interview with the artist and researcher based in Barcelona, who explores liminality, non-human otherness, the journey into the unknown and changes in the perception of reality through his work
Eelco Brand creates painstakingly detailed 3D landscapes with a surreal component. In this interview we dig deeper into his work and techniques.
Photographer Julie Blackmon provides an intimate view of her art practice and artworks.
Interview with artist Eva Papamargariti in connection to her latest solo show artcast, where she portrays and discusses the in-between area where digital space and material reality collapse.
Learn more about the inner-workings of art auction houses, and how you can participate at an auction. A 5 minute read on buying, selling, and bidding at auction.
Interview with Julian Brangold, one of the leading names in the growing digital art community in Argentina, coinciding with the launch of his solo artcast Observation Machines.