Interview with Japanese artist Yusuke Shigeta in which he explains his interest in pixel art, traditional painting, and cultural influences in our globalized society
Interview with Canadian artist Stuart Ward about his work as MUEO, exploring the hybridization of Greek and Roman sculpture, Baroque architecture, and neon colors.
An interview with NYU professors Carla Gannis and Snow Yunxue Fu, curators of the exhibition Phantasmaverse featuring works by emerging artists.
We had a conversation with artist Costas Picadas about his latest artworks series "Microbiomes" in which he takes inspiration from the planet's ecosystems and interconnected energies.
A programming engineer in human computer relations and artificial intelligence, Antoine Schmitt's career spans almost three decades and is characterized by a combination of interactive installations, process-based abstract pieces, and performances.
Nemo Nonnenmacher is a multi-media visual artist who focuses on new technologies and their impact on our understanding of the body, materiality, and space. We had a conversation with the artist following his residency exhibition at CYENS Thinker Maker Space and towards a collaborative project in the making with Niio Art.