Interview with Kian Khiaban, 3D motion designer and artist whose work focuses on the depiction of imaginary natural landscapes and the expression of human emotions.
A short text about Antoine Schmitt's work written on the occasion of his solo show at DAM Projects (Berlin).
Artist Stan Adard discusses the creation of his Breathing Pictures series, 3D animations aimed at taking the viewer into a state of conscious breathing.
Brussels-based Colombian artist Laura Colmenares Guerra discusses the key concepts and processes in her research on focusing on the difficult relationship between our industrialized societies and the living ecosystems we are a part of.
An overview of the main subjects in Mario Klingemann's work on the occasion of the solo artcast courtesy of Onkaos.
Essay by guest author Thomas Lisle, an artist with 30 years of experience in digital media who is exploring how painting transitions into a time based medium.