Integrate digital art into your public space

Turn any screen into a beautiful art canvas

Quayola Strata Series

Integrate digital art into your public space

Turn any screen into a beautiful art canvas

Quayola Strata Series

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Art must be seen. Everywhere.

Niio brings the world’s most inspiring art – NFTs Included – to the world’s most exceptional places.

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Space transformer

Enhance public spaces by transforming them into mesmerizing immersive art experiences.

Access to the largest library of digital art

With 20,000+ premium digital artworks from 7,500+ leading artists and galleries, Niio brings premium art pieces from the world’s leading artists and galleries to private, public and commercial spaces and beyond.

Give your guests something to talk about

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Niio Experiences are As Individual As Your Brand Multi-Layered and Magical.

Flexible business models and art packages, from licensing existing artwork of the world’s leading artists to a bespoke commission piece tailored to your brand
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What is your space?

Create a one of a kind ever-changing lobby

Provide a unique guest journey from first impression to in-room experience – by turning hotel displays into digital art canvases.

Give your guests something to talk about

Whether on business or vacation, hotel guests are notably receptive to interesting experiences and renewed perspectives. With a constant urge to curate memorable stays, managers and hotel directors are turning to sharable, rotating installations and intriguing interactive art and video pieces to position their residences as an on-the-pulse, premium choice.

Add inspiration to your workspace

Leverage the display’s multi-purpose functionalities and engage visitors, customers and employees alike.

Give your patients something to look at

Soothe and inspire practitioners and visitors with the healing power of art. Add inspiration, reduce stress and create meaningful experiences.

Spark a sensational culinary experience

Elevate the senses with art-infused displays that spice up guests’ experiences.

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“The feedback from guests has been great – I see it on our social media more than I have ever seen a framed piece of art before. Some of them are standing in front of the Niio, just really exciting to see it”.
Brian Jaymont
Senior Director and Global Brand Leader
Aloft and Moxy Hotels – Marriott
“We should really take it (digital art) as an opportunity to change the way we design things today. It’s not only another element we add to the wall, it’s an element that can quickly change the way we design spaces today”.
Damien Perrot
Global Senior Vice President Design

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We have the ultimate global hardware partners

And we also work with what hardware you have

Our global strategic partnership with Samsung allows us  to connect you with the white glove, global supply & install ecosystem for pro grade screens and projectors with embedded art

In Case We Missed Anything.

What is Niio for enterprise?

Niio enables streaming and collecting of digital art at its finest. Works of more than 7,500 artists, galleries and museums – NFTs included - available for purchase, loan and streaming on any screen for both public and private spaces. Niio is the Only Streaming Art Platform that Makes the Best of the Gallery and Museum Worlds Accessible on Every Level. With Niio you can enrich people’s lives with new powerful and positive everyday art inspirations.

With its professional suite of tools designed for professionals - Niio Manage™ allows enterprises and institutions to seamlessly manage, distribute and display moving image art collections across their multiple screens, in multiple sites.

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How do I get Niio for enterprise and public spaces?

Contact our Art for Enterprise experts ! We will guide you through the simple steps of enjoying digital art & NFTs showcased across your venues.

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How can I display art on my public screens?

You can display art from Niio using your existing screens - or we can guide you through the process of choosing the right screens for your space. Options include: (1) Samsung Screens - Use the Tizen Player App on your Samsung TV screen (Consumer models or professional Signage models) which will be paired with your Niio account & mobile app. (2) for any other existing Screen, Video wall, LED or Projectors - use our ArtConsole Hardware player and connect with HDMI to any screen or projector. Options exist also for AppleTV

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