The gallery-grade NFT solution for the artworld

Import, preserve, manage and mint your artwork editions

Cultural heritage on 
the Blockchain

Based on years of crafting the tools to safeguard & preserve media art –

we now introduce the NFT certification layer.

The accelerated development of the NFT market and the perceived possibility of obtaining substantial revenue has led, in some cases, to quick-profiting schemes and widely publicized sales of overpriced artworks.


Take control of your NFT strategy.

Create a showroom of the NFTs you already own in a single click.

Bring your NFTs to life and experience it on any display easily

Start living the art life, use your NFTs as your entrance ticket


Art world rules for new world art

100% admin review of all contracts.

Curated selection of top-tier artists and high quality artworks

Seamless NFT UX & “walletless” NFT FIAT purchase flow

Re-invented vault experience, assuring fully-secured ownership


Museum-ready quality minting

Up to 8K quality

Attach high quality media file and unloackable content back to your existing NFTs

Niio EVM smart contracts

An open call to the art world.





Safe-guard & distribute your work to art world entities
Create a show room of the NFTs you already own in a single click.

Bring your NFTs to life and experience it on any display easily

Start living the art life, use your NFTs as your entrance tickect

In case we missed anything.

is Niio?

Niio enables streaming and collecting of digital art at its finest. With over 7,500 contributing artists, galleries and institutions Niio offers collectors and art enthusiasts the ability to enrich their lives with new powerful and positive everyday art experiences.

Niio Manage™ is a professional suite of tools designed for art world professionals and used by a global network of thousands of artists, galleries, institutions, curators and collectors - to preserve, manage, share and self-publish their moving image art collections.

The Niio Manage™ Tool Suite is free for artists forever.

What is Niio Manage™?

The definitive Media & Video Art Management Suite. The Niio Manage™ pro tool suite allows instant and secure online delivery of artwork & rights control, for previews, loans and sales. Media-rich collection management system, with robust video art storage and preservation - upload huge master files (Hundreds of GBs), preserve and safe-guard your works, add metadata and commercial rights

Art Transfer and distribution engines - distribute your work privately to Art World entities, share and self-publish artworks and collections.

8K Media Player app - Professional grade media art player app for video and media art

How does
it work?

You can enjoy Niio for free! Upload your art collection, create art playlists, share your art privately or publicly and stream it to any screen of your choice up to 8K.

Manage™ Premium plans start from $29.99/ mo.

How can I display Niio on my screen?

You can display art from Niio on your TV screen, up to 8K quality - with the following options:

(1) Mobile - Cast art directly from your mobile app using AirPlay (iOS) or Cast (android) or by using the Screen Mirroring feature on your mobile device operating system.
(2) AppleTV - Download and install the Niio app from the AppStore on your AppleTV.
(3) Samsung TV - Download and install the Tizen Player App on your Samsung TV screen (Consumer models or professional Signage models) and pair it to your Niio mobile app.
(4) Use our ArtConsole Hardware player and connect with HDMI to any screen or projector.

Add art to
your life