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Eelco Brand, HH
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Guilhem Moreau, Flower
Powered by Niio, as seen at the Mondrian Hotel in Seoul

2022 Hilton Global Owners Conference

Rotating Art on Display​

Black Square Video Recording, 2016

video loop
3 min
Black Square confronts a flock of white particles moving under natural laws with an invisible square which is almost impenetrable, and thus appears black. An immemorial and endless struggle between abstraction and nature.

The square figure does not appear in nature, it is a sign of (human) culture. Malevitch considers the square the manifestation of human potential for creation, of its suprematism over nature. Heraclite states that all forms are born out of conflicts. But what conflict gave birth to the square? Black Square embodies the endless fierce but irreconcilable struggle between the most abstract of all shapes, the shape without a cause, the square, and the forces of nature.

Black Square Video Recording is a 3′ recording of the original artwork Black Square which is endlessly generative.

Daniel Canogar
Amalgama El Prado, 2019

Moving Image

Art history, and particularly the fluctuating recognition of an artist’s work, is the underlying subject of this generative video artwork created with iconic artworks ranging from the Renaissance to our contemporary times.

A Google search for “top visual artists of all times” resulted in thousands of images that were downloaded from the Internet, and then transformed through an algorithm created by the artist’s studio. The algorithm liquefies these images into a mercurial blend that partially abstracts the original artworks. These images slide down the screen in chronological order, organized by the date of birth of the artist. Amalgama addresses the challenge of making, viewing, and circulating art in our liquid modernity.

Eelco Brand
HH, 2017

Moving Image
Edition of 6
Five cotton plants are depicted in a dark recess in the forest, partly lit by a reflection of autumnal daylight. Slowly, the cotton plants release small, feathery sprouts that float aimlessly above them. The scene evokes a place of abandonment and death, with plants almost dried out and in a state of decomposition, while the floating feathers could be interpreted as spirits or souls, creating an eerie and fascinating atmosphere.

Eelco Brand
FL, 2018

Moving Image
Edition of 6

Brand’s digital animations are hand-made, built from scratch by the use of 3D modelling software. The works often present organic scenes, focusing on greenery and its growth movements. While the images are virtual, they are convincingly close to the detailed appearance of natural scenery in reality. The movements in the animations, and their endless cycles, offer a new way of depicting natural themes and landscapes. Ranging from romantic evening scenes in the forest to absurdist and even humorous sequences in which unnatural objects undergo transformations within the logic of virtual intangibility. Brand’s animations are detached from a classical narrative and display an almost meditative repeated motion. These qualities invite the spectator to keep on looking.

Eelco Brand
FR, 2019

Moving Image
Edition of 6

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