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Together, Niio Art and The Mondrian Seoul Itaewon are proud to present a curated art collection, hand-picked to delight the hotel guests and celebrate creativity and inspiration from the world’s top artists.

The Mondrian Seoul Itaewon Art Collection

Rotating art on display​

Nico Tone, Vivid Scenerya

2019, Moving Image, 3 min 21 sec

Nico Tone’s “Vivid Scenery” exhibits a peaceful artwork of a mountainous and snowy landscape where the clouds and the sky in the background slowly change its colors over time. In essence, the artwork can be experienced as a kind of abstract colorful landscape exposing vivid scenes of familiarity.  

Nico Tone, New Ikebana

2021, Moving Image, 2 min 59 sec

Nico Tone’s “New Ikebana” is an homage to the Japanese tradition of flower arrangements. This specific artwork, which is part of the artist’s Ikebana series, was created especially to be experienced and enjoyed during the winter holiday season. In this work, the artist displays a chilly and snowy pastoral background, whereas the flower arrangement set inside is in full bloom and growing implying growth and new beginnings.

Nico Tone

About the Artist

Nico Tone is a collective of media artists based in Asia. Their artistic practice comes from exploration of relationships between traditional fine art and new emerging technologies. Nico Tone’s works include video-paintings, interactive and generative experiences.


Save the Date

The next art season at The Mondrian Seoul Itaewon premiers in March 2023.

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