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Together, Niio Art and CitizenM Chicago are proud to present a curated art collection, hand-picked to delight the hotel guests and celebrate creativity and inspiration from the world’s top artists


Rotating art on display​

Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc

ZEITGUISED , Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc
2015, Animation, 6 min 39 sec

Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc” treats the ubiquitous plastic chair as a contemporary design classic. In this film we show an enormous hovering cloud of iconic chairs that behave like flotsam and jetsam in breaking waves/ the surf. Poetry as a kind of algorithmic perpetuum mobile. The everyday, casual form of the Monobloc is pitted as a stark contrast in this film against those of the designer und architects’ chairs. Present in larger numbers in the frame, it shows the audacity to have gained a place in the world of exceptional design by mere universal distribution.


2015, Moving Image, 19 sec

Void Season Extended Version

ZEITGUISED, Void Season Extended Version
2016, Animation, 3 min 57 sec

“Void Season” is a simulated fashion project.
Part dreamlike theatre, part lateral cargo cult hustle, a quick succession of bold garment designs acts as an ersatz runway show. In a minimal set of solid backdrops, radiant colors and oblique choreography second the exquisite design of costumes that have been entirely artificially generated.
A wealth of custom procedural surface detail emphasizes the uncanny rift between the realistic presence of the guises and the abstract vacancy of the digitized human movements.



Zeitguised are a studio for contemporary visual art exploring the frontier zone between digital abstraction and representation. Using hyperreal cinematic simulations, Zeitguised creates post-narrative modes of seductive structural transformations. By evoking mental states of manic order and complex instability, “fake” is emancipated from an obsession with “authenticity”. Zeitguised was founded in 2001 by Henrik Mauler and Jamie Raap

Interlinked I

Yuge Zhou, Interlinked I
2022, Moving Image, 2 min 59 sec

Interlinked I depicts major urban centers moving together in unity. Footage filmed on either U.S. coast is reassembled into interlocking patterns of endless streams of transitory encounters and architectural variations—a collective tapestry of their citizenry.

Green Play

Yuge Zhou, Green Play
2016, Video Art / Film, 2 min 59 sec

Green play is a joyful orchestration of one of the great meeting places in New York City—Central Park, a utopian playground and repository shared by locals and tourists alike. The spliced footage choreographs a single summer Sunday and encapsulates an optimism that is central to American life.

Yuge Zhou

About  Yuge Zhou

Yuge Zhou is a Chinese born, Chicago-based artist whose video and installation works explore urban environments as they are inhabited with the collective rhythms and patterns of human activities. Zhou earned her Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University. Zhou has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including the Grand Rapids Art Museum; Elmhurst Art Museum; Spartanburg Art Museum; Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Russia; Chicago Cultural Center; SIGGRAPH Asia in Kobe, Japan; Chicago Design Museum; Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (GA); Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn NY and ISEA 2016 in Hong Kong among many others. Zhou’s work has also been featured in the New York Magazine; The Huffington Post, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art and Aesthetica Magazine. Zhou received the 2017 Santo Foundation Individual Artist Award

Woman and Boy with Bow

MARJAN moghaddam, Woman and Boy with Bow
2020, Moving Image, 46 sec

Using her unique and distinct signature style of animation the artist glitches the sculptures in a series of transformations that explore an art historical repertoire of form in a contemporary digital style. Employing the plasticity and ambiguity of materials of the digital, realism itself is animated and transformed in this animation.

The classical Sculptures of a boy and Girl with bow (symbolic of hunting) silently engage in a dialog with each other. Using Chronometric Sculpture which blends the ideals of animation with that of sculpture, the deformations create a dialog in form, glitch and color between the figures, suggestive of tension, isolation, connection, and other gender based exigencies of our time.

MARJAN moghaddam

About  MARJAN moghaddam ​

Marjan Moghaddam is a pioneering, award-winning, digital artist and animator who lives & works in Brooklyn. She is an immigrant from Iran and a Tenured Full Professor of CG and Animation at the Brooklyn campus of LIU. Hailed as a “trailblazer in the world of digital art” by the Herald Tribune and “The First lady of animated painting” by the Examiner, her work has been exhibited at galleries, museums, and over a 100 festivals, and held in private and institutional collections. She was the featured artist for the launch of Dotcom Gallery & International Forum for the Digital Arts in 1996 (first NYC gallery based on the Internet and sponsored by Prodigy Inc) with GIF animations of her 3d CG avatar. Her widely exhibited early Virtual Reality immersive installation “The Box” from that era, went from Soho art galleries to Internet pioneer Josh Harris’ executive office at Jupiter Inc in 1998, during the heyday of Silicon Alley and the Internet’s early years. She is the recipient of numerous awards of excellence for digital art and animation, including Siggraph (4 times) and has received funding for her digital art from the likes of Rockefeller Fund, NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, and NY Department of Cultural Affairs. Most recently her commissioned AR art was exhibited at the Smithsonian. Recent projects include new innovations since 2016 with her Mixed Reality #Arthacks as interventions on social media, which have gone viral with millions of views on top art channels on Instagram and Facebook. This body of work was shortlisted for the International Digital Sculpture prize in 2017. This highly influential art project radicalizes, democratizes and extends the digital art space as an intervention and disruption with a transformational critical discourse. These #arthacks have been additionally exhibited internationally as print and sculpture triggered AR, and featured in numerous publications including Conde Nast Love magazine, Elemental (Barcelona), Coeval, Quiet Lunch, Art Spiel, French Fries (Milan), Oddity, and Ante Arts. She was most recently the official Adobe Artist-In-Resident in AR with Aero, and her Mixed Reality #arthacks, and exhibited print and sculpture triggered AR, just made Forbes’ Best AR Projects and Installations of 2019 list. She will be featured in the April issue of Coeur De Art (Berlin, Paris), and the upcoming Neo Surrealism issue of Trebuchet International Art & Design magazine (London)


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