Interview with Hadar Mitz, an artist deeply engaged with the philosophical underpinnings of perception, time, and the ephemeral nature of existence.
LA-based photographer Robert LeBlanc is known for documenting the lives of communities on the fringes of American society in photographic projects that usually take years, as he gains the trust of its members as is allowed to portray them at close distance. In this interview we gain a better understanding of his work.
Photographer Miles Aldridge provides an in-depth and intimate account into his artistic career in this account taken from the artist's conversation with Bret Easton Ellis in 2021 for Fahey/Klein Gallery.
Photographer, artist, and director Frank Ockenfels III provides an authentic and personal overview of his career and artistic practice, and an examination of his use of journals, memories, and ideas that go into the creation of his artworks.
Photographer Julie Blackmon provides an intimate view of her art practice and artworks.
Photographer Christopher Makos revisits his career and friendship with Andy Warhol, which took him to be an exceptional chronicler of the New York scene in the 1970s and 1980s.