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Zeitguised is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between digital abstraction and realism. Their ambiguously poetic work draws from the infinite recombination capacity of the internet’s crazed mash-up culture, paired with the manipulation potential of digital imaging tools. Using seductive 3D animation, Zeitguised creates post-narrative modes of structural transformations, evoking mental states of manic order and complex instability. The studio’s unique vocabulary of abstract geometric forms defies laws of physics and redefines the aesthetic language of both fine art and commercial industry in a digital world. Objects rather than characters become the focal point of the unfolding narrative; surface phenomena is content and unstable structures of colour, shape and spatial motion become storyline and protagonist simultaneously: the dichotomy between cognitive imagination and rational observation is exposed as one and the same mental figment.

ZEITGUISED work about abstract autonomous forms, synthetic lifeforms with uncanny behaviour.

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Art Studio

ZEITGUISED is an art and design studio conjuring exquisite realities, at the intersection where digital and physical space meet.
ZEITGUISED have been influencing synthetic image making since 2001, with an approach connecting formal and conceptual design, oscillating between cerebral tickle and poetic flavours. The work of the collective often bears character like abstractions, brandishing a unique blend of digital animism carried by hallucinative narratives of shape, color and behaviour relations.


Neural Groove

Synthetic constructions of shapes and structures that have a similar level of complexity as natural occurrences, yet follow rules that are manmade and artificial, and modelled by and according to human thought processes. Some are engineered from physical growth and distribution processes but altered towards a common design goal. The outcome was open in the beginning, so we would not produce something that we would know beforehand, to leave space to explore unknown territory. In the end the topic that crystallised from the results was the juxtaposition of simulated organic topologies and hard mechanic artefacts as they are known from technology production techniques. We produced synthetic spaces in which we invented rules and parameters that let those two formal worlds collide and interact and inform each other.


Arctic Munken

Exploring the interface of tactile and virtual worlds for Arctic paper as part of the communication for two new design paper collections.



Peaceful and patient in pace and behaviour, the arresting physical impossibility of this process is softly tickled by the realism and detail of fabric texture in the vivid lighting. To glance at these volutes is to touch them, to feel their tactility with your eyes.



Ectopic is proposing to blur the lines between organic matter, live organism and wearable artifact: Clothes become colonies of engineered bacteria to populate the naked skin of humans. Abstract conceptual photo realism.

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