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Zeitguised is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between digital abstraction and realism. Their ambiguously poetic work draws from the infinite recombination capacity of the internet’s crazed mash-up culture, paired with the manipulation potential of digital imaging tools. Using seductive 3D animation, Zeitguised creates post-narrative modes of structural transformations, evoking mental states of manic order and complex instability. The studio’s unique vocabulary of abstract geometric forms defies laws of physics and redefines the aesthetic language of both fine art and commercial industry in a digital world. Objects rather than characters become the focal point of the unfolding narrative; surface phenomena is content and unstable structures of colour, shape and spatial motion become storyline and protagonist simultaneously: the dichotomy between cognitive imagination and rational observation is exposed as one and the same mental figment.

ZEITGUISED art work showing autonomous, synthetic camera work. Instead of mimicking human or mechanic camera work from older mediums, the digital simulation allows for free interpretation of the function of the artificial eye that has become our ubiquitous prosthetic for our dominant sense.

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Art Studio

ZEITGUISED is an art and design studio conjuring exquisite realities, at the intersection where digital and physical space meet.
ZEITGUISED have been influencing synthetic image making since 2001, with an approach connecting formal and conceptual design, oscillating between cerebral tickle and poetic flavours. The work of the collective often bears character like abstractions, brandishing a unique blend of digital animism carried by hallucinative narratives of shape, color and behaviour relations.


Austrotherm Walls

Flotsam&Jetsam: Austrotherm Walls shows a metastable cloud of floating pieces of building insulation. Invisible forces clump the pieces together and pull them apart like jetsam on a shore. The wall-like structures, arranged in a floating architectural grid, break apart when they collide. The debris reveals a core material that is seemingly a visual error: The solid grey background sky is revealed as if it was masked out, yet the movement of the pieces turns the visual experience into a spatial cue that intertwines foreground and background in an artificial yet familiar looking way. An autonomous, procedural camera scans the swarm of pieces, measures dynamic properties of interest like the velocity density, and feeds the results back into its own movement.

Full original artwork available exclusively in a limited edition on niio.


Unstill Life

Unstill Life is a deconstruction of high definition photo realism. By utilizing the means of simulated photography it constructs an entirely artificial slice-of-life world from geometries, textures and digitally modeled lighting algorithms. Instead of focussing on artificial looks of computer generated imagery, the deconstruction creeps into the experience of the image by way of abstract camera moves similar to those of 3D editing motions. The notion of an omnipotent human editor to the landscape culminates in shifts in the seemingly solid built structures and apparent natural environment.


Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc

“Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc” treats the ubiquitous plastic chair as a contemporary design classic. In this film we show an enormous hovering cloud of iconic chairs that behave like flotsam and jetsam in breaking waves/ the surf. Poetry as a kind of algorithmic perpetuum mobile. The everyday, casual form of the Monobloc is pitted as a stark contrast in this film against those of the designer und architects’ chairs. Present in larger numbers in the frame, it shows the audacity to have gained a place in the world of exceptional design by mere universal distribution.

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