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Art must be seen. Everywhere.

With over 25,000 artworks from 7,500+ artists, galleries, and museums, available for loan, purchase, and streaming on any screen, with all the tech and commercial display licensing.

Curated digital art plans for public spaces

Enhance public spaces by transforming them into mesmerizing immersive art experiences
Braden Summers IDLE TIME – Moving Portrait of Woman Painting Her Nails Powered by Niio, as seen at the Mondrian Hotel in Seoul

Access the largest library of digital art

Choose high quality digital art from a selection of exclusive limited-edition catalogs. Artwork plans are provided with all Commercial loan & display licenses included

Niio enables you to

Support artists and local culture; Niio shares 30% of revenues with the artists.

Commission exclusive artworks, adapted to your needs.

Program art by mood, daypart, time of year or your location.
Create your own artful blend or use a fully curated art program.
Utilize the best technology with our end-to-end management and display solution; no specialized hardware required; rapid deployment.
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Powered by Niio, as seen at startup nation central

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As experienced in

what our customers say

“The feedback from guests has been great – I see it on our social media more than I have ever seen a framed piece of art before. Some of them are standing in front of the Niio, just really exciting to see it”.
Brian Jaymont
Senior Director and Global Brand Leader
“We should really take it (digital art) as an opportunity to change the way we design things today. It’s not only another element we add to the wall, it’s an element that can quickly change the way we design spaces today”.
Damien Perrot
Global Senior Vice President Design

We have the ultimate global hardware partners

And we also work with what hardware you have

We are screen agnostic and can work with any digital canvas you already have or are planning to install. We have strategic partnerships with Samsung

In Case We Missed Anything.

What hardware is required?
  • On Samsung TV screens, signage or consumer, install the Niio TV app and pair it to your Niio mobile app to cast the art of your choice.
  • Use our ArtConsole player, an HDMI Hardware Media Box that can be connected to any screen or projector and can be remotely controlled by Niio mobile app or Niio.com.
  • Cast art from your mobile app using AirPlay or Chromecast
What is the Samsung x Niio partnership?

Samsung is a global leader in visual display technology, creating industry-leading TV’s and commercial visual displays designed to captivate potential customers and provide ultimate value to the business.


Niio is the premium platform for exclusive digital art from the world’s leading contemporary artists & galleries. It’s platform offers seamless, end-to-end management, distribution, and display of high-quality moving image art – easily transforming spaces and delivering inspiring art-fueled experiences, unique for each location.


By joining forces together, Samsung’s displays will offer more than their original intended purpose – elevating the state-of-the-art visual technology to digital art canvases.

What are the benefits of using Niio?

The platform is extensible to the B2B market as well; for all venues and public places where digital art experiences can transform environments and create new modes of interaction and for cultural brands looking to reach target audiences


Niio supports artists and provides exposure to local culture.

  • 30% of revenues are paid to the artists.

Niio enables digital art on demand for private use and public use.

  • Suitable for commercial spaces such as corporate, hospitality, healthcare, luxury home, retail and food & beverage spaces. Get tailor-made artworks from renowned artists to serve your unique vision. Supply your guests with immediate experiential and reputable value.

  • Niio allows you to customize your space by mood, day part, time of year and location.

You can stream art simultaneously on different screens, in different locations, all from the same device.

As part of Niio’s exclusive, premium usage, we support you with all of your needs.

  • Upload and display your own commercial content in addition to your digital art.

  • There is also an option to commission exclusive works or curate an artful blend, to further personalize your guest’s experience.

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