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Courtesy of LXR and Niio.art

Ronen Tanchum. Nature Flow

Hotel 1000 offers guests a truly Seattle experience with the quality and amenities expected from a Hilton luxury brand.
This curated selection of artworks aims to make your stay a truly memorable experience.​

Current selection
May – July 2024

Ronen Tanchum
Nature Flow2019

In a stunning 3D artwork, vibrant flowers defy gravity, dancing in slow motion against a mysterious black backdrop. Each petal and bloom is meticulously rendered, their vibrant colors contrasting with the darkness. As they gracefully collide and intertwine, a mesmerizing symphony of motion and beauty unfolds before the viewer’s eyes.

“For me, the question is how to embrace the better aspects of digital technologies without letting them alienate us from the real world”

– Ronen Tanchum

Nico Tone
Surreal Life XX Pink, 2021

This Series by Nico Tone deals with digital interpretation of drawings and images from botanic archives and conveys life on earth and the healing power of nature.

The Botanic Dreams Series deals with the connection between nature and well-being. The ‘nurture of nature’ is experienced when we immerse ourselves in natural surroundings.

“We like to create small surprises in the artworks, so that every time you see the work you can see something different.”

– Nico Tone

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