A Webinar by
Hospitality Design

The Future of Art + Tech

Presented in partnership
with Niio.art

Artwork: Areo Gardens I - Attraction by Dev Harlan

Hospitality design morphs and innovates with market trends, shifts, and times—and guest needs and expectations change with new technologies. Explore the innovation and development of digital art at the intersection of creativity and science, and what design teams need to know now about this evolving technology.

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The Speakers

Rob Anders

Co-founder & CEO

Niio Art

Damien Perrot

Global Senior Vice President Design & Innovation


Lionel Ohayon

Founder and CEO


Brian Jaymont

Senior Director & Global Brand Leader

Aloft Hotels & Moxy Hotels, Marriott

Shawn O’Connell

Director, Head of Hospitality

Samsung Electronics

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen

Editor in Chief, Hospitality Design magazine and SVP, Design Group

Emerald (Moderator)

“Most of the time we try to hide TV today,  but when you put digital arts, you don’t need to hide it because they’re on the TV, it’s not a screen anymore. It’s not a TV anymore.
It’s a live art. It’s really a big change.”

DAMIEN PERROT Global Senior Vice President Design & Innovation, Accor.