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Ronen Tanchum. FEELS 1

Boston is one citizenM richer with its hotel in the leafy, historic Back Bay neighbourhood.
This curated selection of artworks aims to make your stay a truly memorable experience.

Current selection

Ronen Tanchum
FEELS 1, 2021 

A generative piece inspired by the processes of growth in living systems and the connections that emerge in spontaneous networks, the artwork is also an exercise in the visual effects of color, with different hues creating the sensation of volume and weight.

“For me, the question is how to embrace the better aspects of digital technologies without letting them alienate us from the real world”

– Ronen Tanchum

Thomas Lisle
In the Mind’s Eye, 2022

This piece utilises a 3-dimensional time-based noise field which is programmed to drive the motion of the lines and combined with a third force to bring the two clusters of lines together, order is not the same as balance.

“What’s extraordinary about digital 3D painting is that it opens up the boundaries of what a paint stroke is capable of.”

– Thomas Lisle

Florence Lefebvre
Irisation, 2024

These digital soap bubbles reflect the peoples and castes that make up humanity. The iridescence on their surface reveals billions of different shades of the light spectrum which intertwine, no one entity resembles the other, each ethnic group, each society sees the other differently. Yet inside there is the same air, as there are the same human beings. If a bubble bursts, the air molecules are then released from the collective image attached to their colony.

Yuge Zhou
Interlinked I, 2022

Interlinked II is a collage of hundreds of video clips shot in the subway stations in New York City. This underground network becomes the stage for the Sisyphean routines of its commuters. The ever-cycling movement suggests a rhythm and theatricality in these urban passageways.

“I constantly try to seek out the in between space, the gray area, not here and not there, which is the most interesting and beautiful for me.”

– Yuge Zhou

Ronen Tanchum
The Expressionists – Couple #2, 2020 

The Expressionists series emanates from a desire to distill motion into its most elemental form, rendering three-dimensional physicality into minimalistic strokes within a digital realm. In this artwork, the choreographed movements of two performers are recorded using motion capture processes and rendered as an almost abstract composition.

Jonathan Monaghan
Panther Incensed I, 2021

Panther Incensed I is based on an ancient legend about a large cat with a colorful hide and flames emitting from its ears. Monaghan gives this myth an otherworldly twist, juxtaposing the beast with both futuristic and baroque regalia, creating a new mythology for the digital era.

“My work asks today: What would contemporary mythology look like?”

– Jonathan Monaghan

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