Braden Summers Series 1

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During the last decade we feel technology should be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, perfectly integrated into our everyday experience, or our homes, without intruding. The future art audience has technology in their everyday life; through technology they experience the world around them, and this is what connects them to
The Niio Featured Exhibition is dedicated to the moving image and public space, aiming to present curated screening programs to a wider audience. It is based on the idea of mediating works from an extended list of contemporary video artists, through new digital exhibition formats and cloud-based platforms.

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Braden Summers


Braden Summers is a director and photographer, whose work alerts the viewer to the beauty in people and their environment. The undertones of his portraits are appreciative of diversity and acceptance, ideas that are fundamentally supportive of a more positive lifestyle. His work has been featured in Marie Claire UK, on the sites of French Elle, French Glamour, Advocate and The Huffington Post. Marriott International worked with Mr. Summers on their latest campaign #LoveTravels, depicting love and family in the LGBT community and beyond.

Braden Summers

IDLE TIME - Moving Portrait of Fancy Smoking Man

Moving portrait of a man smoking in a beautiful teal coat.

Braden Summers

IDLE TIME - Moving Portrait of Pom Klementieff + Some Birds

Moving portrait of actress Pom Klementieff knitting in a lux space with birds on her head.

Braden Summers

IDLE TIME - Moving Portrait of a Beautiful Older Woman

An older woman sitting in a beautiful dress, hair blowing in the wind. Upbeat, positive, smiling.

Braden Summers

IDLE TIME - Moving Portrait of Taj Reed

Moving portrait of Taj Reed, moody atmosphere, playing cards, drinking water.

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