ZERO ONE Digital Art Festival

Zero One is a new initiative that seeks to create a unique experience by combining art, technology, sound & space.  Through the layered experience of ancient and futuristic elements and tangible and virtual art, visitors can take in narratives that challenge  imagination and human experience.

The Festival brings together some of the most influential digital artists in the world today, both local and from overseas. Digital Arts use breakthrough technologies and traditional mediums to create a multifaceted art experience. Through code-based music tools, artificial intelligence, 3D scanning (Photogrammetry), digital processing, learning algorithms and more. For two nights only, the stones and remnants of the ancient citadel turned into a backdrop and indeed an integral part of these incredible contemporary works of art and performances.

Featured artists: Refik Anadol, Quayola, Clement Valla, Zeitguised and many more.