Expanding Bauhaus. Screening Series by blinkvideo & Goethe Institute

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A screening series by blinkvideo in collaboration with Goethe Institute Netherlands selected by Elke Kania, Julia Sökeland and Ludwig Seyfarth, powered by Niio.

With its combination of various arts such as painting, photography film, architecture, fashion, product and interior design and textile art, the Bauhaus is still considered the epitome of a technologically advanced modernity. Last but not least, the attempt to create the whole society aesthetically, inspired many artists worldwide. Even in the contemporary Moving Image Art, the Bauhaus heritage is referenced in many ways, directly or associatively. For example, the Bauhaus architecture or modernist buildings that are in their tradition are being re-interviewed as living models, the modernisation of cities and the changing perception of new technologies with comparable intensity targeted as by the artists of the Bauhaus or the lens-less film experiments like those of László Moholy-Nagy were taken up with today’s technical possibilities. An insight into international Film Art shows: even 100 years later – the Bauhaus lives, at least in the visions of the artists. 

The screening series ate realised parallel to the exhibition „The Netherlands ⇄ Bauhaus – Pioneers of a New World” (February 9th – May 26th 2019) in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam. 

Screening #01: Creating Worlds 
Thursday, 14.02.2019, 19:00 h 

The creation of living worlds can reflect political ideologies, reveal a desire to shape private living space or follow media models from feature films. The screening works reflect these concepts. 

Dimitri Venkov, The Hymns of Muscovy, 2018
Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann
, Sonntag, Büscherhöfchen 2, 2014
One Hour Real, 2017
followed by an Artist Talk with Gossing/Sieckmann
Curated and moderated by Elke Kania and Julia Sökeland. 

Dimitri Venkov, The Hymns of Muscovy, 2018

Screening #02: Bigger than Life / Built Histories
Thursday, 07.03.2019, 19:00 h 

How is history reflected in (modern) architecture? And can history be architecturally “invented”? A project called “Skopje 2014.” so far errected some thirty government buildings and museums, as well as countless monuments in the classic style, in an attempt to put Skopje on a par with Rome and Athens. A city looks for a future in history. 

Adnan Softic, Bigger Than Life, 2018
Tight tissue – or – The body is my temple, 1999
Niklas Goldbach, 1150 San Remo Drive, 2017
Habitat C3B, 2008
followed by an Artist Talk with Adnan Softic. 
Curated and moderated by Julia Sökeland and Ludwig Seyfarth.

Niklas Goldbach, 1550 San Remo Drive, 2017

Screening #03: Transition of Technology: Moving the Image 
Thursday, 21.03.2019, 19:00 h 

The combination of photography and film and the use of “imaging” with light in photograms shaped the work of László Moholy-Nagy; his telephone pictures from the 1920s can be interpreted as early works of media art. The screening presents contemporary camera-less film art, new approaches between static photography and the movement of images. 

Stephanie Gudra, Wuslon, 2017
Benjamin Verhoeven
, Somebody was trying to kill Somebody Else, 2014
Tim Gorinski, Generative Ideas (working title), 2019
Barbara Hammer, Sanctus, 1990, on loan from JULIA STOSCHEK FOUNDATION Düsseldorf/Berlin, 
www.julia-stoschek-collection.net, Courtesy of the artist and KOW, Berlin 
Ugo Petronin, Abiding, 2019
followed by a Q&A with Ugo Petronin, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam 
Curated and moderated by Elke Kania. 

Ugo Petronin, Abiding, 2019

Screening #04: Facades and Interieur / How do we feel in modern environments?
Thursday, 25.04.2019, 19:00 h

How does the functionalist credo of the Bauhaus live on in architecture? And how does architecture relate to human scale? Today’s artists pursue this question with various cinematic means. 

Rebecca Ann Tess, The Tallest, 2014
Martina Wolf
, Regen I, Dresden. 2002
Moira Zoitl, Kitchen Torso: On Reducing the Number of Steps, 2013
followed by an Artist Talk with Rebecca Ann Tess. 
Curated and moderated by Ludwig Seyfarth. 

Martina Wolf, Regen I, Dresden, 2002

Screening #05: Architectural Utopies – Here and Now Thursday,16.05.2019, 19:00 h 
How do utopias of Bauhaus architecture function in the midst of a media present? Technology and aspects of social media find their way into the glass house of memory, into the models of public and private spaces. 

Rebecca Ann Tess, The Tallest, 2014

Manuel Graf, Shulmantonioni, 2004,
courtesy the artist and VAN HORN, Duesseldorf 
Frauke Boggasch & Martin Sulzer, ホームドリーム / Hōmudorīmu / Home Dream, 2019 – reflecting the development of the Bauhaus Architecture nowadays at Japan 
Elizabeth Price, At the House of Mr. X, 2007
on loan from JULIA STOSCHEK FOUNDATION Düsseldorf/Berlin, www.julia-stoschek-collection.net, Courtesy of the artist and MOT International, London 
Arianne Olthaar, Hotel Forum, 2016,
followed by an Artist Talk with Arianne Olthaar. 
Curated and moderated by Elke Kania.

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