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Samsung 'The Wall' x Niio Art Experience

Areo Gardens I – Attraction by Dev Harlan

We’re delighted to present the exclusive moving image art catalog for

The Samsung ‘The Wall’ x Niio Art Exclusive Catalog is dedicated to moving image art, aiming to inspire people everywhere through meaningful art moments.

After Indifference by Siebren Versteeg

Siebren Versteeg, After Indifference, 2019

Moving Image, Edition of 15, 13 min & 44 sec


Areo Gardens I, Attract by Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan, Areo Gardens I, Attract, 2020


Areo Gardens III, Wash by Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan, Areo Gardens III, Wash, 2020

Moving Image, Edition of 8, 1 min & 36 sec


Cézanne Unfixed by Joe Hamilton

Joe Hamilton, Cézanne Unfixed, 2018

Moving Image, Edition of 20, 4 min & 15 sec


Journey - Screen Edition by nohlab

nohlab, Journey - Screen Edition, 2019

Moving Image, Edition of 15, 3 min & 38 sec


Oh Me by Ohad Benit & Roni Azgad

Ohad Benit & Roni Azgad, Oh Me, 2020


Nature Stream # 1 by Ronen Tanchum

Ronen Tanchum, Nature Stream # 1, 2019

Moving Image, Edition of 15, 1 min & 6 sec


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