Niio Open Call

Niio Curatorial Committee

Niio: Open Call for a New Video Art Program.

Niio is changing the way video art is seen, discovered and collected.
We are searching for original, thought provoking, visually striking video art works, produced by emerging to established artists from diverse backgrounds and regions.
This open call aims to offer a democratic voice to artists who are focused on media art and the digital medium. Works selected by the Niio Curatorial Team will be featured on our curated video art programs (Artcasts) and participate in rotating exhibitions in select locations around the world.

Niio Video Artcast Program

Niio Curated Artcasts are dedicated to the idea of displaying moving image art in private and public spaces, departing from the traditional way of presenting art. The programs will be distributed to several locations internationally, and through this, also channel a way to reach a wider audience, through screenings in public spaces such as high-end hotels and offices, as well as giving access to private collectors to experience your work. These venues and individuals will be paying screening fees that are shared with the participating artists. In addition, the programs will be accessible to museums, galleries and available for educational purposes.

Each subscriber and location will have access to the ongoing Curated Programs and display them on professional grade 4K screens or projectors with sound option. Niio collaborates with hardware manufacturers such as BARCO and PHILIPS. 
All videos are distributed and monitored by the Niio management cloud platform and professional media Player.

Niio platform follows a payment model giving 30% of the monthly program subscription fee back to the artists.

Participating Curators in the program

Steven Sacks of bitforms gallery,
Anita Beckers and Julia Sökeland of Blinkvideo, Pau Waelder, Daniela Arriado (Screen City Biennale), Vanina Saracino (OHLO), 6×6 and others

Participating Artists

Ori Gersht (UK) , Quayola (UK), Shaun Gladwell (AU), Jonathan Monaghan (US), Casey REAS (US), Sara Ludy (US), Joe Hamilton (AU), Zeitguised (DE) and more.

Registration Process

The registration process consists of three simple steps:


Create a private Niio account or login to your existing one.


Upload your artworks and the relevant meta-data.


Transfer your artwork to the Curatorial Committee.

Note: in order for your artwork to be included in the selection process, please upload a high resolution video file to your Niio account and include a full artwork description.

Submit your artworks for consideration:

Video Art / Animation
(HD/4K Single Channel)

We will notify you if your works have been selected to the Video Artcast program by our Curatorial Committee.

You can contact [email protected] at any time if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Niio is the premium discovery and display platform for curated video and new media art, trusted by leading artists, galleries, collectors and curators to manage and expose their very best moving image artworks.

Header artwork credit: ZEITGUISED,