How to get started 
on Samsung TV?

Install and setup

  1. Install the Niio Art Player app from the Samsung TV app store.
  1. On the TV, press “Pair Screen”.
  1. Scan the QR code that appears on your TV screen.
    Use the Niio mobile menu to “Scan QR on TV”.

Discover and display art

  1. After pairing, the art from “My Area” will instantly start playing in the highest available resolution (under “My Player” on your TV).
  1. Use the Niio mobile app remote control (under “Displays”) to easily select which artworks or collections to display on the TV. (choose the TV display name or number – from under the “Displays” area on your Niio mobile app)
  1. You can also use the Samsung physical remote and go to “Discover” on your TV to select and display art from pre-curated Artcasts or from your favorite artworks.


The premium art experience

  1. Go premium to support artists, remove watermarks and unlock high-quality for the best experience.


Note: If you wish to buy a new Samsung screen, please find Niio’s recommendations here.