Getting Started

If you have outstanding questions or would like to speak to a customer service specialist directly, email us to schedule a call. 

You can also reach us directly at:
US: +1 800 601 7820 
Asia: +852 9222 9445
Europe and the Middle East:+972 53 300 5035

You can get started in five easy steps:

  1. Schedule a call.
    For outstanding questions on plans feel free to Email us or Schedule a call.
  2. Receive your Niio Player.
    Niio Players ship via Amazon in the US and other courier services internationally, and should arrive between 2-5 business days.
  3. Create a Niio account.
    Use the link provided in your confirmation email to set up an account online.
  4. Select Artworks.
    Browse artworks by artcasts (curated ‘playlists’ for digital artworks), genres, or artists and select your artworks. Privé and Bespoke plan customers will be contacted by a curator to help with selection.
  5. Plug and Play.
    Simply plug the Niio Player into a power source, and using the HDMI cable provided connect the Player to your screen, connect to the Wifi, and start experiencing your gallery-quality digital art! Download the Niio mobile app to control your art remotely.

From the date of the signing of the standard subscription proposal to receiving the Niio Art Player takes up to 14 days, and then your digital art experience begins.

Hardware & Technical

Niio works with all screen brands, sizes and types (we call this “screen agnostic”). Your screen does not have to be a SmartTV. If you already have a quality consumer TV screen or commercial-grade digital signage screen then you are good to go! If you would like to purchase a new screen and are looking for recommendations, see our next question.

You can buy any screen you like. We can recommend a few options for stunning commercial grade screens such as this 85” Samsung and this 86” LG screen. 
For home or small businesses, you can find great screen offers for around $500 USD. 

Commercial grade versus Consumer Grade Screen PDF

Yes, Niio works smoothly with all major digital signage platforms and content management systems (CMS). We have multiple methods of connecting with these CMSs, and we would be happy to explain more on a call.

Yes, you can. In fact, combining your commercial content with art content typically enhances the efficacy of your commercial content, by drawing viewers into the screen and creating premium content adjacency. Niio has many models for doing this, schedule a call for more information.

Artists & Artworks

Any artwork that is created ‘digitally’ to be experienced ‘digitally’ on a display device. Examples include Video, Moving Image, Photography, Gifs, Interactive Art, VR- or AR- enabled art.

  1. We offer the most meaningful, premium art catalogue for video & new media art, thousands of rights-managed works from the world’s leading artists & galleries.

  2. We have flexible business models – you can buy, loan, or subscribe to curated collections of gallery-quality digital art.

  3. Niio is the only solution which brings all stakeholders from the artworld together into one secure and trusted ecosystem, providing technology tools which support the entire lifecycle of a digitally created artwork,from upload & storage to distribution and exhibition, always in accordance with artists’ directives, ensuring attribution, provenance and supporting industry standards.

  4. Niio has the backing and endorsement of leading video & new media artists, curators, and art institutions from around the world. Niio hosts over 10,000 artworks and is trusted by more than 2,000 established artists, galleries, curators and collectors from over 52 countries

Niio has over 2,000 digital artists already on the platform, including internationally renowned figures such as Davide Quayola, Claudia Hart, and Refik Anadol to name a few. We have also been embraced by leading galleries and institutions such a bitforms gallery and Pratt, and through these relationships feature emerging artists and recent graduates of leading international art schools and academies. Niio has a waitlist of artists and academies who are eager to publish on the platform.

That depends. Starter (personal) and Preferred (business) plans offer pre-curated artcasts (‘playlists’ for digital artworks) for you to browse and select from. Privé (business plus) and Bespoke plans include dedicated curation services.

Yes, we enable easy management and control of the artworks via our mobile app. You can explore and select artworks using the ‘Featured’ or ‘Discover’ tabs in the app. 
If you are having trouble with selection or have any other art or product related questions Contact Us.

Yes, you can. You can display your personal collection of artworks alongside Niio’s curated artcasts, or you can use Niio’s Manage Tool, a professional art collection and asset management system, to bring your collection to life on any display, without subscribing to additional works. Contact an art advisor for more information. 

Niio Manage

You can control every screen in your space using our mobile app or via the Niio website under
My Account > Displays.

We do offer the ability to purchase artwork. Whether you fall in love with an artwork in your subscription or prefer to purchase instead of subscribing, we will work directly with you to enable, purchase and render any desired work for your screen. Contact an art advisor for more information.


Yes, Niio digital art enhances all types of spaces. Here is a list of some of the types of spaces Niio is or can be installed in: residential/home, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, and bars), health and wellness (medical clinics, spas, and wellness centers), commercial/offices, retail, public areas and many more. Where you see a wall or a screen, we see a “digital canvas”. 

Idea Book

Sure, take a look at our Idea Book, a catalog of Niio installations and designs for diverse spaces all over the world. 

Idea Book