What We’re Reading Now: Art and Real Estate Development

Art credit: Interconnected: Data Paintings and Sculpture by Refik Anadol at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

At a time of near-constant city development, new projects must stand out and step up, to win their communities over. The newest way for building developers is to tell their stories through art. This goes beyond curating a set of prints lobbies. Developers are organizing open art calls to unite art communities,  or commissioning site-specific works by notable artists. Developers are also setting their sights on sponsoring on-site art programming, and in some cases, hiring curators to tend to their robust collections. 

Discover what Architectural Digest, The Miami Rail, Jing Daily and others have to say on how some real estate developers have begun to push the boundaries of what it means to reach the public through meaningful art.

Architectural Digest // This is Why Art is the New Must-Have Amenity for Leading Real

Originally Published by Architectural Digest

At Miami’s Park Grove art is marketed as a keystone of the living experience. With architecture by Pritzker Prize–winning OMA/Rem Koolhaas and sweeping views of Biscayne Bay art is set to take center stage. But for the brains behind the Terra Group and the Related Group this honed focus has proven successful: Park Grove has sold nearly all of its first phase of units, which are priced from $1.95 million to $14 million. Read More

Tristan Eaton’s Brooklyn Crush mural at 363 Bond. Photo: Guillaume Gaudet

The Miami Rail // A Speculative Storm: Contemporary Art and Real Estate Development

Originally Published by The Miami Rail

Art has always been a feature of the most lavish residences; patrons begat patrimony wherever they made their beds. Its ability to signify landed, aristocratic power was a chief reason why art became a favourite tool of revolutionary bourgeois propagandists.  We haven’t entirely escaped that age but these days, money isn’t so rooted to the soil. Read More

Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, 1993-97. Photo: Emilio I. Panizo, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Jing Daily // How Art Saves the Malls – Lessons from China

Originally Published by Jing Daily

There’s a unique bond that exists between art and luxury brands that marketers have exploited lately. The Cartier Foundation, The Louis Vuitton Foundation, and The Prada Foundation are just a few examples of how brands already have a deep relationship with art through public exhibitions. This practice has led to a new type of innovative retail-exhibition that’s giving Chinese consumers luxury brands in the form of art. Learn More

Nano Lumens // Got an Art Budget? 

Originally Published by Nano Lumens

The merits of publicly funded art installations have been debated for millennia but one case in favor rests on a single question: how do we want to represent ourselves? Cities have powerful economic and cultural incentives to beautify their environment and countless arenas to do so, but one development that is of particular relevance to our interests is the evolving way cities have employed their art budgets for large-scale airport renovations. Read  More

Interconnected: Data Paintings and Sculpture by Refik Anadol at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Niio // Hong Kong Harbour Transformed Into a Major Immersive Art Experience

“We live in a fast-paced, commercially noisy world with countless screens across our urban environments, and no more so than in major cities like Hong Kong”, says Rob Anders, Co-Founder & CEO of Niio. “In trying to reach and inspire people everywhere through memorable and meaningful ‘Digital Art experiences’, we are thrilled to partner with Sino Group for the Illumination Art Prize. It is these types of public art interventions that are driving an entirely new visual culture.” Read More